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However, he didn’t rule out making a cameo at some point.

“I will neither confirm nor deny -- you never know, they might switch it up last second and send me out there,” he teased.

Unglert added that he’s “absolutely” looking for love right now and could even reconcile with his ex, Kristina Schulman, one day.“Kristina is amazing -- she deserves the absolute best and we are not together, but I wish her the best,” he said. We both care a lot about each other, so I would say never fully close the door on anything.” and was doubtful about making a surprise appearance midseason.“I don’t like the surprises, I don’t like stirring up drama and I don’t really know what it is,” she said.

“I was nervous to go into something I didn’t have enough details about.

Tim Duncan has arguably been overshadowed to a certain extent his entire career, so it's only appropriate that his girlfriend is stealing some of the limelight during the San Antonio Spurs' postseason run.