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The blade rates Exc /Exc having just the mildest evidence of age. GRFRATH SOLINGEN RZM M7/30 1936" having a bright blade with some sharpening and scratches and some wear to the scabbard paint. This beauty was originally sold by well-respected Third Reich edged-weapons dealer and I will let his original description do the talking: "Here's a good example out of an old collection. Good looking Transitional Hitler Youth Knife by "G. Hitler Youth Knife by "RZM M7/28" with "Blut und Ehre! Good looking Hitler Youth Knife by "RZM M7/28" with "Blut und Ehre! The distributor marking is stamped by the maker mark and reads, "KRESPACH".

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Driving, you may recall, is a privilege and not a “right”.

Moving on from there, he then decided that the Bible doctrine of the Pretribulation Rapture was a “hoax”, and that there was going to be no Rapture and that the Church would go through the Tribulation.

HLLER" having silver-plated fittings that have not been cleaned with a pleasing patina with the fittings having no dings or dents with the white grip being in excellent condition and the blade being bright but showing areas of graying with this example having never before been in a collection being a recent vet-estate pickup. Good looking Miniature Kriegsmarinee Dagger with "Deutschland" Etched Blade measuring 20.5cm/ 8 inches long. The blade has some light spotting and scabbard runner marks in areas but is still in excellent plus condition. Scabbard for Municipal Police Bayonet Police Markings, "S. The scabbard portion measures 14 1/2 inches/37cm long.

Miniature Kriegsmarinee Dagger with "Deutschland" Etched Blade. The plated fittings to the dagger are bright and the piece is in overall excellent condition. This example is in very good condition complete with the original frog.

The overall length of this miniature dagger is about 9 inches. Miniature 3/4 Sized Luftwaffe Dagger by "SMF" with "Niederschsische Tageszeitung HANNOVER" Advertising on Blade. This dagger probably was professionally restored at one point. Interesting boxed set of two miniature dagger letter openers that look to be a modified Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine Dagger being an item sold to souvenir hunger GIs after the War. One of the scabbard rings is lost to time but this could likely be an easy fix. The bottom crossguard is Roman Numeral marked, "I" and the guards are both internally marked "H". Municipal Police Bayonet with Matching Police Markings, "S. The blade is nice and bright having a needle tip and 100% of the original crossgraining present and showing some runner marks but being in mint condition. The scabbard fittings are the nickel plated steel type and are in excellent condition. This is a good looking piece with early nickel plated brass fittings. S.294" and I could not see any marking on the matching scabbard but the accompanying frog is well marked both to the maker as well as having some other markings as shown in the photos. Transitional Hitler Youth Knife by "Eickhorn SOLINGEN RZM M7/66 40". The blade is bright retaining the majority of the crossgraining. The grip shows wear as this is not one of the restored pieces seen on the market these days. The reverse is marked with the RZM code, "M 7/29", which we know to be the RZM code for the Klittermann & Moog. German RAD (German Labor Service) EM Dagger by "ED WSTHOF". The supporters would make regular contributions to the SS.


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