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Single is an online community for single divers, primarily women, who want to organize SCUBA trips that are not focused on forming relationships. The organization consists of both married and single divers who simply want a diving buddy or group for their next excursion.All profiles on this site are vetted to ensure scam profiles are not created.With your passion for Scuba Diving, it stands to reason that you'll hit it off with other scuba divers.

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If your passion is Scuba Diving and you would like somebody to share that passion with then this is the site for you.

Take this quiz to determine if you are going to be a match or if the relationship is doomed from the start.

Avoid wittering on about your Scuba Diving, your last great holiday etc, save that for your date!

Mentioning a couple of your preferred places for Scuba Diving could resonate with other singles viewing your profile, leading to a date.

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