Norton antivirus 2016 not updating

But now my worst fears of this software model have come true and uninstalling Norton Family was the only solution I could find.

I want Parental controls to do three things - website filtering; time constraints; and time limits.

On a whim, I tried the PIN for her brother, that I found on his time supervision page, for my daughter's account, but it is indeed just for my son.

norton antivirus 2016 not updating-26

This has been going on for the past three days (during which I have tried to update manually for may be 100 times, to no avail).

How can I have any security with no updates in three days?

The first two seem to work fine, but the time limits have failed. But I want that to be flexible, allowing me to add an hour or two as reward for certain behaviors.

But if my child reaches that limit and I go into their profile and change their hours total, nothing happens.

As long as the green is lit on the Norton logo, Norton is working.