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This module provides a basic overview to the assessment of personality.It discusses objective personality tests (based on both self-report and informant ratings), projective and implicit tests, and behavioral/performance measures.For instance, if you tend to work harder than most of your friends, you will see yourself as someone who is relatively conscientious, even if you are not particularly conscientious in any absolute sense.

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First, raters may be motivated to present themselves in an overly favorable, socially desirable way (Paunonen & Le Bel, 2012).

This is a particular concern in “high-stakes testing,” that is, situations in which test scores are used to make important decisions about individuals (e.g., when applying for a job).

It must be emphasized that the term “objective” refers to the method that is used to about such a procedure is that the psychologist administering the test does not need to rely on judgment to classify or interpret the test-taker’s response; the intended response is clearly indicated and scored according to a pre-existing key.” In fact, as we will see, a person’s test responses may be highly subjective and can be influenced by a number of different rating biases.

Objective personality tests can be further subdivided into two basic types.

For example, humanistically oriented models argue that people have clear, well-defined goals and are actively striving to achieve them (Mc Gregor, Mc Adams, & Little, 2006).


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