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Forenames: Surnames: A considerable number of the Portuguese surnames (spread in all Portuguese-speaking countries and ex-colonies today) is Celtic or of Latinised, Celtic-borrowings. The Germanic influence (Suebi, Visigoths, Buri, Vandals) in Portuguese is often related to warfare/military topics, but also exists in other vocabulary like animals texugo (badger), natural world orvalho (dew), Human qualities like franqueza (frankness, candour), orgulho (pride), some verbs like ganhar (to gain), town and placenames such as Ermesinde and Esposende, where sinde and sende for instance; are derived from the Germanic "sinths" (military expedition), numerous Suebi), Sousa, Terras de Sousa and Terras de Bouro (land of the Buri), Serra do Bouro, Bouro, are found mainly in the Minho (Braga) and Douro (Porto) regions- these two provinces present the highest concentration of Germanic toponyms in the the Iberian Peninsula, as they historically correspond to old the Suebic Kingdom in the middle-ages .

Many of the Germanic words entered the language during the late antiquity, either as words introduced into Vulgar Latin elsewhere, or as words brought along by the Suebi who settled in Gallaecia (Northern Portugal and Galicia) in the 5th century, and also by the Visigoths who annexed the Suebic Kingdom in 585 and ruled until the 8th century AD.

Basque influence is prominent in Portuguese language and entered through Spanish, because aside from it is a result of bilingualism of speakers of Basque and Vulgar Latin, many Castilians (native speakers of Spanish) who took part in the Reconquista and later repopulation campaigns were of Basque lineage.

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Other words were incorporated to Portuguese during the Middle Ages, mostly proceeding from French and Occitan languages, as both cultures had a massive impact in Portuguese during the 12th and 13th centuries.

More recently other words with Germanic origin have been incorporated, either directly from English or other Germanic languages, or indirectly through French.

In Brazil, many placenames and local animals have Amerindian names, the same occurring with the local Bantu languages in Angola and Mozambique.

Knowing foreign language gives you the ability to easily travel and communicate in foreign speaking countries.

Did you know that there are 6,800 different languages spoken in over 200 countries around the world?


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