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Susan awakes in the pest controllers' house, tied to a table.The man reveals he is sexually attracted to Susan, and had previously sought after other women, though his wife then interrupts and pours bleach over Susan's face.

Annoyed by the hospital's constant druggings and wanting to get home, Susan attempts to escape, only to be stopped by Doctor X - the hospitals' psychiatrist.

She reveals her feelings and past to Doctor X, and tells him how Liz killed herself the night before.

Susan then returns to the world of the living to wake up in a hospital bed and is soon forced to carry out her task.

She meets Liz in the hospital, a friendly nurse unhappy with her job, who tells Susan her "daughter" saved her; much to the chagrin and annoyance of Susan, who has no daughter.

She spoke to a man on the phone, supposedly her admirer, who sent her flowers whilst she was married.