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The press in Fleet Street has proved more ephemeral, with its exodus during the later 1980s led by the removal of The Times, Sunday Times, Sun and News of the World to Wapping in 1986. Street (1871–82), dominates the north side of the east end of the Strand and is the last large public building designed in strict Gothic style.Nonetheless, there is a rich mix here of old and new, well worth investigating. The entrance façade, leading to the great hall, is surprisingly symmetrical with a composition of elements inspired by both French and English thirteenth-century styles.

In actual folklore, these demons were not vampiric, had no need to feed, and were not particularly attractive, being sexual predators.

The horrifying sensation of sleep paralysis, where you wake up and are unable to move, was known as as late as Victorian times.

Some stories actually make them a breed of vampires, since they function similarly (vampires feed on blood for sustenance, incubi/succubi feed on sex), but they are almost always evil. See, Old Scratch wants kids but can't produce human seed, so he becomes a succubus, receives some sperm from a guy, turns into an incubus, and passes it on to a woman.

How this transmits satanic genes is a question not addressed as the theory was invented before Mendel's time, never mind Rosalind Franklin's.

(Not to be confused with the band of the same name.