Cheek to cheek hug dating sites

My sister's friend turned to me as I opened the door and moved toward me for a hug.

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I'm too nervous or clueless about what to do when I see a girl for a date or meeting, so I'll awkwardly wave my hand "hello" like a rear windshield wiper on a car.

It's friendly and noncommittal, and it creates an invisible wall separating us so we don't have to touch — it even wipes out a handshake. When I encounter a friend or relative who requires a kiss on the cheek, I feel like I'm aboard a roller-coaster right before a scary loop. Growing up, I shied away from kissing and hugging my parents, and it was no fault of theirs.

I am a male American, my traveling companion was a platonic female friend, and the Canadian friends we met were two men and one woman.

Their native language was French and their English was fluent but with clear French accents (I'm not sure if this is important or not, I just want to establish the level to which I believe they are versed in French culture).

I habitually play it safe, going with the handshake, even when I have met a girl a few times.